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Darjeeling, one of the most famous hill stations of India; is located in the state of West Bengal. The Darjeeling town is located at an elevation of about 6710 feet. Darjeeling is situated on the Shiwalik Hills, which forms the lower range of the Himalayan Mountains. The word Darjeeling has come from Tibetan word, meaning a place of thunderbolt. According to Hindu myths, Indra’s scepter was dropped at the observatory hill in Darjeeling.
The geographical location of Darjeeling is 88 degree 53 min to 87 degree 59 min East longitude and 27 degree 13 min to 26 degree 27 min North latitude. The town of Darjeeling acts as the headquarter of the Darjeeling District. Darjeeling extends for an approximate area of 3,149 sq km.

The name Darjeeling is thought to be a derivation of 'Dorjeeling' meaning the place of the Dorjee, the majestic thunderbolt of the Lamaist religion. In fact, the famous Buddhist Monastery standing at the top of the Observatory hill was known by this name. The district was the part of the dominions of the Raja of Sikkim upto the beginning of the 18th century. Apart from the magnificent view it commands, this hill atop the Mall also is attached with great religious importance as a revered temple complex for both the Hindus and the Buddhists.

Darjeeling has some interesting places to watch the local handicrafts being made as well as a various range of choiced handicraft souvenirs. Until the early part of the eighteenth century, Darjeeling was under the king of Sikkim. Later Gorkhas invaded the region and annexed the area, which they eventually lost to British. The British used the place to escape the heat and found the strategic importance of the area. They, hence, developed the area as a hill station and tea-growing area. Darjeeling is well known for its tea industry and eco-tourism. Darjeeling is thought to be derived from the word Dorjeeling, which literally means 'the place of Dorjee' the majestic thunderbolt. Some believe that the thunderbolt belongs to the Lamaist religion and some believe that it belongs to Lord Indra. Timber, tea, and tourism underpin the economy of Darjeeling. The tea plantations were originally developed by the British.

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