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Lolegaon or Loleygaon is a small village in the Kalimpong sub-division. It used to be a tranquil village with great views of the Kanchnjunga. During the early 1990's forest department with the help of some voluntary organizations started promoting the village as an eco-tourism destination. The founders of naturebeyond were also part of the initiative. By late 90`s Lolegaon came up to become one of the oft visited tourist destinations of the Kalimpong Hills. The small village is also commonly referred to by locals as Kaffer. Lolegaon is located at a distance of about 24 km from Lava. Travel time may be well over an hour depending on the road condition. Altitude of the place is about 5,500 ft.

The primary attraction of Lolegaon lies in its serene and tranquil environment. Although the place has become a common tourist destination now, it is still not commercialized by large influx of tourists. You can still get to walk in the nearby forests without jostling with other tourists. The place offers panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga range. On a clear day large part of the snow capped mountain is visible. Visitors interested in Bird watching could have a field day here, wide variety of birds can be seen in the area and Lava-Lolegaon sector is one of the most attractive birding destination in this region. Nearby hilltop Jhandi Dara offers beautiful views at sunrise. The place is about 4/5 kilometers from Lolegaon and early morning visit to Jhanidi Dara can offer you spectacular views on a clear day. Forest department has earmarked a part of the forest as Heritage forest. This is another attraction for tourists. There is a unique 'Canopy Walk' over the century old mossy Oak and Cypress.

Summer temperature (April - May) vary between 15 and 25 degree Celsius. Winter temperature (December - February) between 7 and 15 degree. Loelygaon witnesses heavy rainfall and an umbrella may be useful any time of the year.

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